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Known Issues

Here are some of the issues we know about and are working to resolve:

Keyword Search Results Don’t Display or Aren’t Highlighted on the Image

Keyword searches may display zero results, even when results are present.

  • Workaround: Click on the “Text” tab above the viewing window (see image below) and try the search again; results will be highlighted in the full text.  You may also download a PDF copy of the issue and search using your PDF reader.Location of text tab

PDFs Do Not Display

Several versions of Adobe Reader X (PDF viewer) do not allow you to view PDFs in the browser.  A gray screen may appear where the PDF should be, or the PDF doesn’t load at all.

  • Workaround or Fix: (1) See the Adobe website for a workaround or the option to upgrade your version of Adobe Reader. (2) Click the “Download” button and, once downloaded, open the PDF on your own computer.

Download Button Location