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New Francis B. Hays Scrapbooks Online

Volumes 53 through 63 of the Francis B. Hays Collection of scrapbooks have been uploaded to our DigitalNC website. From the Granville County Public Library, these scrapbooks cover a wide variety of topics on Oxford and Granville County life. Some cover the histories of different religious denominations in the county, including the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, and one that is an amalgamation of information about all of the religious groups in the county. The Oxford Methodist Church also has a scrapbook completely dedicated to its history. Covering more general Oxford history, one scrapbook contains old copies of The Morning Clarion from the year 1876.

Front page of an 1876 copy of the Morning Clarion

Front page of an 1876 copy of the Morning Clarion


Two of the scrapbooks contain information about the businesses and industries in Oxford, one taking clippings specifically from an industrial newspaper, and the other from the regular paper. Both of these scrapbooks have an emphasis on the tobacco industry in the county, and specific focus is given to the owners of tobacco warehouses. Continuing with the theme of business, Mr. Hays also put together a scrapbook concerning real estate and construction in Granville County.

Granville County Court House Centennial

Program Cover for the Court House Centennial Celebration

Library a Vital Factor

Newspaper clipping from the Oxford Public Ledger













The last two scrapbooks in this batch cover special topics pertaining to Granville County. The first is dedicated to the centennial celebration of the Granville County Court House and the Granville County bicentennial celebration. The final scrapbook in this batch is a collection of newspaper clippings discussing the creation and growth of the Granville Library and its importance to the community.

For more information about the other scrapbooks available in this collection, as well as about Francis B. Hays himself, visit the Francis B. Hays Collection page, or see this previous blog post.

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