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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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More issues of The AC Phoenix are available on DigitalNC

From the cover of The AC Phoenix, December 1991 issue

From the cover of The AC Phoenix, December 1991 issue

Advertisement from the March 2006 issue

Advertisement from the March 2006 issue

Forty-five additional issues of The AC Phoenix are now available thanks to our partner, N.C. A&T University. These additions, from 1990 to 2006, share more news from North Carolina’s Triad region and beyond for readers. Based in Winston-Salem, The AC Phoenix provides an invaluable resource for Triad African American communities and has been an institution in the region since Rodney Sumler founded the paper in 1983.

These issues feature local, regional, and national content with an undercurrent of local priority. They feature photo spreads from local events, news about local schools, churches, and groups, and share information about the state of the community.

Some issues include special features, or additions in honor of a specific holiday or occasion. For example, the December 2004 issue was published with a special holiday songbook, shown below:

Community Holiday Songbook 2004, from the December 2004 issue

Community Holiday Songbook 2004, from the December 2004 issue

"National Black History Museum Approved," from the January 2004 issue

“National Black History Museum Approved,” from the January 2004 issue

Despite The AC Phoenix‘s local emphasis, the paper covers a significant amount of national news as well. When Congress approved the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, The AC Phoenix announced the plans to its readers.

DigitalNC is glad to provide increased access to The AC Phoenix. To view these issues of the paper and more, visit its DigitalNC page here. To learn more about N.C. A&T University, visit their website here or their partner page here. To view The AC Phoenix‘s website, go here.

New student newspapers from Queens University of Charlotte now online at DigitalNC

Queens Blues 1941

Front page of Queens Blues, 12/12/1941 – Queens students grapple with war

A new batch of newspapers from Queens University of Charlotte is now online. The batch covers a 20 year span (1931-1951) of Queens Blues, the student newspaper for Charlotte’s Queens College. An all female liberal arts institution, Queens College began admitting male students after the Second World War and later became Queens University of Charlotte. The issues provide interesting insights into the world of young, educated women during a crucial period in American history – The Great Depression and World War II. The contents largely concern themselves with goings-on at the school itself, but touch upon wider events as well. The front page shown above, for example, illustrates how college students reacted to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into World War II.

The newly digitized materials are an addition to the considerable amount of Queens University materials already online at DigitalNC. Visit their DigitalNC partner page here or head to the QUC Library website for more information.

Issues of The Charlotte Post from 1996 and 1997 are available

Cover page from December 5, 1996

Cover page from December 5, 1996

Even more issues of The Charlotte Post are available on DigitalNC now, these ones dating from 1996 and 1997. They add to an already sizable collection extending from 1930 to 1996. These 25 latest issues continue the themes of the previous decades, sharing news from the African American communities in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

This latest batch of The Charlotte Post continues with great coverage of local, national, and even international news. Issues share news about businesses, celebrities, politics, sports, cars, entertainment, and many more.

"Black church's history at Afro Center," September 12, 1996

“Black church’s history at Afro Center,” September 12, 1996

"Jordan pitching cologne," October 3, 1996

“Jordan pitching cologne,” October 3, 1996

"And justice for all," April 17, 1997

“And justice for all,” April 17, 1997

These issues are available thanks to our partners at Johnson C. Smith University. To browse these and other issues of The Charlotte Post, visit their page at DigitalNC here. To learn more about Johnson C. Smith University, click here, or visit their partner page here.

DigitalNC’s newest newspaper title, The AC Phoenix, is available now!

The AC Phoenix serves the African American communities in and around North Carolina’s Triad region. Based in Winston-Salem, this paper has decades of experience sharing local and national news with its readers. There’s more to come, but this first batch includes issues from 1987 to 1989, and from 2007 to 2015.

Rodney Sumler started The AC Phoenix in 1983, and intended to use it to support African American individuals and businesses in the Triad. The paper bloomed in the following years, becoming a staple in the Triad region.

"Expressions 1987" from the December 1987 issue

“Expressions 1987” from the December 1987 issue

Most issues include local and national news, emphasizing the local. They include articles about individuals and groups including churches, businesses, schools, and others. Editors encourage their readers to contribute, opening their advertisement space to congratulatory notes and including their version of a “Dear Abby” column. Many include a photo spread at the center of the issue, featuring photos from a recent community event or to fit with a certain theme.

Photos from the 2014 Slave Dwelling Project, in the May 2014 issue

Photos from the 2014 Slave Dwelling Project, in the May 2014 issue

The AC Phoenix has been a great resource for the Triad community for decades, and DigitalNC is proud to increase access to the paper through our website, thanks to our partners at N.C. A&T University. Check out these new issues on DigitalNC here, and visit N.C. A&T here for more information.  To view The AC Phoenix’s website, go here.  

Over 400 Additional Issues of the UNC News Letter Now Online at DigitalNC

The front page of the February 18, 1925 edition of the University of North Carolina News Letter

8 years and over 400 issues of The University of North Carolina News Letter has been added to DigitalNC., courtesy of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We previously digitized issues of the News Letter from its inception in 1914 to October 1920, but the new addition brings our collection into November 1928, more than doubling our collection.

A 1928 chart of facts about NC, including population, property value, manufacturing value, and more.

Published by the UNC Bureau of Extension, this News Letter was delivered to students weekly. As a single sheet distributed once a week, the News Letter gave the students of UNC information about local news, state and national news, and everything they needed to know in a quick read. In one 1921 issue, the News Letter included information about how millions of dollars were directed for public highways, New Zealand’s national debts, the amount of money North Carolina paid in taxes to the federal treasury the previous year, and words from the state governor about the ongoing economic crisis. These issues are very economics focused, with many including graphs and charts of money and taxes, population information, and more.

To see other materials from UNC-Chapel Hill, check out their partner page, or visit their website.

Microfilmed Newspaper Nominations Selected for Digitization, 2019

Back in August, we announced our annual call for microfilmed newspaper digitization. We asked institutions throughout North Carolina to nominate papers they’d like to see added to DigitalNC. As it is every year, it was an incredibly tough choice – we are typically able to choose between 40-60 reels out of hundreds or thousands nominated. This year we’ve chosen the following titles and years.

Title Years Nominating Institution
Carolinian (Raleigh) 1946-1959 Olivia Raney Local History Library
Chatham Record (Pittsboro) 1923-1930 Chatham County Libraries
Chowan Herald (Edenton) 1934-1956 Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library
Concord Times 1923-1927 Cabarrus County Public Library
Goldsboro News 1922-1927 Wayne County Public Library
Yancey Record / Journal 1936-1977 AMY Regional Library System

For our selection criteria, we prioritize newspapers that document underrepresented communities, new titles, papers that come from a county that currently has little representation on DigitalNC, and papers nominated by new partners. After selection, we ask the partners to secure permission for digitization and, if that’s successful, they make it into the final list above.

We hope to have these titles coming online in mid-2019. If your title didn’t make it this year don’t despair! We welcome repeat submissions, and plan on sending out another call in Fall 2019. 

100 Issues of The Carolina Union Farmer now online at DigitalNC

Carolina Union Farmer Front Page October 10 1912

Front page of the Carolina Union Farmer, October 10, 1912

100 issues of the Carolina Union Farmer are now online at DigitalNC. The recently digitized issues form a nearly complete representation of the weekly paper’s publication between July 1911 and May 1913. Published by the North Carolina Farmer’s Union, the paper provides unique insights into the Labor Movement as it manifested itself in the South during the early twentieth century.

Cosmetics ad Carolina Union Farmer

Cosmetics ad in the August 22, 1912 issue

Wool ad Carolina Union Farmer

Wool-buyers ad in the August 14, 1912 issue










The issues deal heavily with economics, politics, religion, and topics of agrarian interest, all seen through a distinctly Progressive-Era lens. Many articles urge their audiences to organize against large corporate farming interests and provide instruction as to how the average farmer might go about doing so. Also included are pages of classified and commercial ads, op-eds, cultural submissions such as poetry and prose, and notifications for events and programs hosted by the Farmer’s Union. Many of the issues published in the second half of 1912 feature columns related to the 1912 national and state elections, with political advertisements and endorsements occupying several pages.


Carolina Union Farmer political ad

Political ad in the September 26, 1912 issue

These issues of The Carolina Union Farmer are held by UNC Libraries. Click here to learn more about the other UNC materials hosted online at DigitalNC.

Over 90 issues of Lambda, UNC’s LGBTQ student newspaper, now online at DigitalNC!

Over 90 issues spanning nearly the entire run of Lambda, UNC Chapel Hill‘s LGBQT student newspaper, are now online at DigitalNC. Publication of Lambda started in 1976 and ran until at least 2013. The paper began as simple newsletter for the UNC gay community, but later appeared in a number of formats, from an “activist newspaper” (Lambda January 1993), to a “LGBTIQ-Affirming Magazine” (Lambda Spring 2004), and finally to an online blog.

The issues now online constitute a valuable resource for those interested in LGBQT history at UNC Chapel Hill, in the greater Triangle area, and in the United States as a whole. Most of the writing within deals with topics like sexuality, identity, and politics at all of these levels. Many notable events, such as the deadly anti-gay assaults at Little River in Durham in April 1981, as well as the national debates around the issue of same-sex marriage in the early- to mid-2000s, are covered in detail.

Lambda Spring 2004 Front Page

Front Page of Lambda, Spring 2004

In browsing the paper’s many issues, one gets a distinct sense of the scope of the LGBQT movement throughout its history as well as the identities involved. This is exemplified by the progression of organizations that sponsored the paper over the years. Beginning with the Carolina Gay Association in 1976, the paper later became the voice of the Carolina Gay and Lesbian Association; the Carolina Bisexuals, Gay men, Lesbians and Allies for Diversity (B-GLAD); The Queer Network for Change; and finally the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transsexual Student Association.


The newly digitized issues of Lambda are another addition to the already considerable amount of UNC Chapel Hill materials currently hosted at DigitalNC. For more information about Lambda and the various LGBQT student associations that form an important part of UNC history, visit The Carolina Story and its exhibit on UNC student organizations.

Select issues of UNC Chapel Hill’s Asian Students Association publication East Wind now online at DigitalNC


East Wind Fall 1994 Front Page

Front page of the Fall 1994 issue of UNC ASA’s East Wind newspaper

Seven issues of East Wind, a publication of UNC Chapel Hill‘s Asian Students Association, are now available online at DigitalNC. Started in 1993, the paper appeared roughly once a semester for the first several years of its run. The issues now on DigitalNC (December 1993-Spring 1998) cover a wide range of topics relevant to the Asian-American student community at UNC. With its editorials, advertisements for upcoming events, restaurant reviews, and much more, East Wind provides a forum for both ASA members and others to promote, criticize, and discuss Asian-American culture from numerous angles. Much of the paper’s contents focus on issues of race and identity within the Asian-American community.

The newly digitized issues of East Wind are another addition to the already considerable amount of UNC Chapel Hill materials currently hosted at DigitalNC. For more information about East Wind and the Asian Students Association at UNC, visit The Carolina Story and its exhibit on UNC student organizations.

More issues of The Charlotte Post are now online!

Charlotte Post, June 24, 1993

Charlotte Post, June 24, 1993

More than two dozen additional issues of The Charlotte Post have recently been added to Digital NC. Thanks to our partnership with Johnson C. Smith University, our digital holdings for The Charlotte Post now mostly range in date from 1971 to 1996, and feature newly uncovered early issues from the 1930s. This most recent batch includes those special issues as well as additions from 1991 to 1996.

The three partial issues are from 1930, 1931, and 1934, and serve as important resources for African American history in Charlotte at that time. The issues cover acts of celebration, violence, and everything between. “The paper with a heart and a soul” and “the voice of the people” shares news of local communities, as well as some national and international news. Though there are only three issues, they share a snapshot of the time, depicting the thoughts and concerns of their audience.

Headlines from the 1930s issues of the Charlotte Post

Headlines from the 1930s issues of the Charlotte Post

Charlotte Post sports advertisement, January 18, 1996

Charlotte Post sports advertisement, January 18, 1996

Issues of The Charlotte Post from the 1990s show regular coverage of topics such as religion, arts and entertainment, lifestyles, business, and sports. Several issues include inserts on various subjects, including grocery sales, but also on automobiles and beauty products.

African Americans on Wheels, Winter 1996

African Americans on Wheels, Winter 1996

The Beauty of Feeling and Looking Good, Spring 1996

The Beauty of Feeling and Looking Good, Spring 1996









To view all digitized issues of The Charlotte Post, click here. For more information about Johnson C. Smith University, visit their website or their DigitalNC partner page.