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Early yearbooks from Fayetteville Technical Community College now on DigitalNC

Yearbooks covering 1963 to 1969 from Fayetteville Technical Community College are now online.  Fayetteville Tech started in 1961 as the Fayetteville Area Industrial Education Center (IEC) to provide adult education and industrial training to those in Cumberland County and the surrounding area, with a particular draw for former military members, which have a large presence in that area of the state due to Fort Bragg.  In 1963 the institution joined the North Carolina Community College system and became the Fayetteville Industrial Institute, which is remained until becoming Fayetteville Tech in 1988.  

3 black and white photographs of students in a shop, students in a classroom, and students putting up an air duct

Photographs from the Air Conditioning Technology program in the 1963 yearbook

To view more materials from Fayetteville Technical Community College, visit their partner page.  To view more materials from North Carolina community colleges, visit our NC Community College collection here

More History of Robeson Community College Just Added to DigitalNC

Robeson Community College Scrapbook ExcerptWe’ve recently helped Robeson Community College add a number of additional items documenting the school’s history to DigitalNC. Among those are:

Coverage of events, profiles of staff, changes in curriculum, and advice to students are common in the newsletters, which were published by the school under a variety of names.

The scrapbooks include a number of newspaper clippings documenting the College’s beginnings as an extension of Fayetteville Technical Institute (FTI). Some of the first classes offered were in the evening, and were weighted toward agricultural interests like Ornamental Horticulture, Farm Business Management, Tractor Electrical Systems, and Fertilizers and Lime. New courses were gradually added, including those in trades, allied health care, and business, as the College grew quickly and became independent from FTI.

All of these items, as well as RCC yearbooks, can be seen on DigitalNC.



Robeson Community College Yearbooks Now Available on DigitalNC

Robeson Technical Institute, 1976Yearbooks and reports from Robeson Community College, located in Lumberton, are now available on DigitalNC as part of the North Carolina Yearbooks collection.

Roberson Community College was founded in 1965 as part of nearby Fayetteville Technical Institute. In 1968 the school established its own campus in Lumberton and joined North Carolina’s state-supported community college system.

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center worked with the library at Robeson Community College to digitize and publish online thirteen yearbooks and two reports. The yearbooks range in date from 1970 to 1983 and the reports document changes and growth in the school at its fifteenth and thirtieth anniversaries.

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