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New Transylvania County Public Library Yearbooks


From the Brevardier [1965], page 97

7 new yearbooks from the Transylvania County Public Library are now available on DigitalNC. The yearbooks document the lives of students and teachers from Brevard High School, Rosman High School, and Brevard College.

The yearbooks from Brevard High School may be of particular interest because of their many humorous photos and captions. While all of the yearbooks on DigitalNC document the distinct character of a given school, some are a bit more dramatic than others. The editors of this batch of yearbooks from Brevard definitely had a sense of humor!


Brevardier [1964], page 49

You can see all of the newest yearbooks at the links below:

To see more yearbooks or learn more about the Transylvania Public Library, please their contributor page or the website.

Remembering Fritz & Other Beloved Citizens of Transylvania County

A view of Brevard's West Main Street in 1925. Lining either side of the street are  two-story brick buildings and cars that resemble Model Ts.
West Main Street in Brevard, N.C., in 1925, also known as Fritz’s old stomping grounds.

More materials from the Transylvania County Library have recently been added to our site, including several issues of Brevard-area newspapers from the early 20th century, a set of telephone directories, and a couple of yearbooks. It is thanks to this batch of newspapers that the life of one of Brevard’s beloved community members was brought to light.

A short article entitled, "Fritz is dead."
From The Transylvania Times, March 10, 1932.

Fritz was “the famous Nobby Shoppe cat,” “well known among the business houses of Brevard” and “petted by everyone.” He was, according to his obituary, “the object of much admiration on account of his enormous size and his beauty.” Sadly, Fritz succumbed to illness, but his obituary shares front page real estate of The Transylvania Times with a feature on the Lindbergh baby and updates on the county tax penalty—in other words, he was a big deal. (Then again, this front page also features a story about Ralph Woodfin, a farmer who found two “freak eggs,” or an egg within an egg—known today to happen because of a counter-peristalsis contraction).

Fritz’s home, the Nobby Shoppe, was a popular women’s store on West Main Street and a frequent advertiser in The Transylvania Times. In the 1930s, the shop seemed to specialize in ladies’ hats, which sold for $1-$2.95. They also sold “frocks” and “triple crepe dresses” in an expansive selection of sizes.

A white cat lounging in a yard next to a white shed, a tall bush, and another wooden structure.
A cat lounging at the H. R. Bradley House in Transylvania County (likely not Fritz himself).

You can read more about the noteworthy community members of Transylvania County in the three newspapers just added to our site: The Transylvania Times (issues from 1887, 1932, 1953, and 1967), the French Broad Hustler (issues from 1893, 1894, and 1896), and the Brevard News (issues from 1905 and 1923).

You can explore the two editions of Brevard High School’s Brevardier (1972 and 1973) included in this batch here or browse our entire collection of North Carolina Yearbooks.

The full list of telephone directories included in this batch can be found here. These include the names and numbers of local businesses and individuals across the county from 1952-1984.

To see more materials from the Transylvania County Library, you can visit their partner page and their website.

Transylvania County Telephone Directories and More Now Available

Thanks to our partner, Transylvania County Library, 28 telephone directories for Transylvania cities from 1956 to 1997, a program for the county’s centennial celebration, a brochure for Camp Sapphire, and more are now available on our website.

An intriguing piece from this batch is the 1914 Camp Sapphire brochure. The brochure provides a look into what kind of activities were considered fun and available in Brevard, N.C., camp life, and the importance of staying on top of education during the summer months. One fascinating piece of information about camp life is that students could smoke as long as they had permission from their parents and could bring their own shot guns for trap shooting. Thankfully, the students had to deposit the guns with camp directors for safe keeping. 

A group of boys in hats standing together before going on a hike. The caption under the photo reads: off for a hike.

To learn more about the Transylvania Public Library, please visit their website.

To view more city directories, please visit our North Carolina City Directories Collection.

1941 to 1975 Transylvania Times Issues Now Available

The Transylvania Times header. Under the header reads, "A State and National Prize-Winning Newspaper."

Picture of Margaret Rice in front of a Brevard College 1853 sign. The article details how be crowned as Queen of May.

The Transylvania Times, May 3, 1956.

Thanks to our partner, Transylvania County Library, new issues of The Transylvania Times are now available on our website. This batch includes issues from the years 1941 to 1975, adding over 1,000 issues. Published weekly, the paper focuses on education updates (such as at Brevard College and high school), music camps and performances, local and national news, and community events. Featured articles and topics from this batch include the end of World War II and the fight against polio.

Present in many issues of The Transylvania Times are advertisements and articles highlighting polio—information on the disease, how to keep your household safe and sanitized, and March of Dimes fundraisers. In 1955, the poliomyelitis (polio) vaccine was made available in the United States. In the same year, the March of Dimes organization had one of its largest fundraising efforts with the hopes of raising enough money to vaccinate nine million 1st and 2nd graders throughout the United States. In the Brevard branch of the organization, citizens were encouraged to donate what they could and to donate again. The more that the community donated to the organization, the more doses of the vaccine could be created and distributed across the country. Unfortunately the Cutter Incident (where some batches of the vaccine contained live polio virus) significantly decreased the distribution and the American people’s faith in the vaccine. Eventually that faith was restored with a revamped system of regulating vaccines and development of more polio vaccines such as the Sabin oral vaccine. Twenty-four years after the release of the first vaccine, in 1979, the United States was declared polio-free.

Advertisement for a Sabin oral polio vaccine clinic in Brevard on January 12, 1964.

The Transylvania Times, January 9, 1964.

To learn more about the Transylvania County Library, please visit their website.

To view all issues of The Transylvania Times, please click here.

To view more newspapers from around North Carolina, please click here.

More Scrapbooks from Transylvania County Communities Now Online

DigitalNC has recently increased the number of available Transylvania County scrapbooks by 9, building upon our already considerable online collection of over 200. Many thanks to Transylvania County Library for scanning these images and sending them over.

Three clubs were featured in this upload:

These scrapbooks share photos and ephemera documenting club meetings, members, and events. Many community service events are highlighted within their pages. Not only do they give a look into the history of these clubs, but they also reflect changes in the local community. Fastidiously organized, the scrapbooks detail events such as construction of new buildings and beautification projects.

A page from the Cedar Mountain Extension Homemakers Club Scrapbook [1966-1967]. It documents the meeting held on May 18th. Held at the community center, the club members listened to a program on landscaping in the home. The page has a newspaper clipping of the event, two color photos of the members at the club, a clipping of a magazine of trees and plants, and a small, black-and-white illustration of a gardener that reads "Suggestions from the TAR HEEL GARDENER".

Page 16 of the Cedar Mountain Extension Homemakers Club Scrapbook [1966-1967] shows photos from the home landscaping presentation they attended.

To search through all of the scrapbooks from Transylvania County, click here. And to view all other items from Transylvania County, check out our Transylvania County Library partner page.

Seventy Additional Scrapbooks Documenting Transylvania County Communities Added to DigitalNC

Bright yellow scrapbook page with the title The Homesteaders See-Off Community Club and a line drawing of a one-story building

Cover or title page of the 1977 Homesteaders See-Off Community Club Scrapbook

Transylvania County Library has shared 70 additional scrapbooks from their extensive collection, adding to the over 100 already on DigitalNC. This latest group includes a number of community clubs and groups:

Like previous batches, these community club scrapbooks share photos and ephemera documenting town events, club members, and club activities. Many of these clubs took part in regional or statewide contests encouraging community “beautification” by landscaping roadsides, installing signs, or improving publicly used buildings or even private homes.

Scrapbook page with three black and white photographs and several clippings describing remodeled Ernest Lance home

This page from the 1955 Dunns Rock Community Club Scrapbook shows before and after photos of the remodeled Lance home.

Thanks to Transylvania County Library for scanning these at their library and sending the images for addition to DigitalNC. You can view all of the items from Transylvania County Library on their contributor page.

Explore Over 100 Scrapbooks Documenting Transylvania County Communities

Brown cover of the 1970 Sapphire Whitewater Community Scrapbook with the title in scriptFrom Balsam Grove to Brevard, we’ve recently added over 100 scrapbooks documenting communities and organizations in Transylvania County. These scrapbooks were scanned by the Transylvania County Library, which forwarded the scans to us for DigitalNC. They represent a number of organizations, many focused on community development. 

scrapbook page with four snapshots of signs around town and "Beautification" written at the top

From the 1958 Balsam Grove Community Scrapbook

Community development scrapbooks from the 1950s-1960s are common throughout North Carolina. These typically document efforts at beautification of homes and public areas, upgrading infrastructure like hospitals and sanitation, and fostering community spirit through local gatherings. The image at left from a Balsam Grove scrapbook is a good example of the types of information and photos you might find; it shows newly placed town signs.

These scrapbooks include photographs, many with descriptions and captions, along with newspaper clippings and ephemera from programs and events. Search all of them along with other items from Transylvania County at the Transylvania County Library’s partner page.

New Transylvania County Yearbooks Now Available and Online at DigitalNC

A group after our own heart: the 1967 Rosman High Library Club


A new batch of Transylvania County, North Carolina, are now up on DigitalNC, courtesy of our partner, the Transylvania County Library. Included in this batch are several editions of The Oriole from Rosman High School, and the 1967 and 1968 editions of Brevardier from Brevard High School.

A photo of the 1967 Brevard High School Marching Band

These yearbooks show what it was like to go to school in Rosman and Brevard at that time. These yearbooks show individual portraits, class portraits, and photographs of activities, sports teams, and organizations like the Future Farmers of America and the Library Club. They also include photographs celebrating the years’ school plays, and faculty at the school, as well as honor societies.

Some also include class histories, class songs and poems, and more. For example, the 1949 Oriole contains a class prophecy, where the author tried to predict where the graduating seniors would be in several years, and “class wills”, where the graduating class left behind skills and memories to the future graduating students.

Follow the links below to browse the yearbooks from the schools included in this batch:


World history students at Brevard High School studying, 1968

To see more materials from the Transylvania County Library, please visit their partner page or visit their home page.

More issues of The Transylvania Times are now available online

Front page of the March 8, 1934, issue of The Transylvania Times

Front page of the March 8, 1934, issue of The Transylvania Times

Issues from 1933 to 1940 of The Transylvania Times have recently been transferred from microfilm and are now available on DigitalNC. The paper, published in Brevard, North Carolina, recounts news from throughout Transylvania County.

As the “only newspaper published in Transylvania County” at that time, the publication includes information regarding local events, education updates (from both Rosman and Brevard high schools), notices of sales, society and club news, advertisements, as well as news from beyond the county. A regular section called “Scenes and Persons in the Current News” features international news covering topics such as the Spanish Civil War and the shifting hands of the British monarchy. Additionally, many issues include “The Sunny Side of Life,” a series of comics that regularly fill a page of the newspaper.

Front page of the "Special Fair Edition" from October 5, 1933

Front page of the “Special Fair Edition” from October 5, 1933

Significant local events are given special weight in this paper, such as the first county fair, featured in the issue from October 5, 1933. For that special issue, the front page features and the next several pages of the issue provide information regarding fair entries and advertisements for the best clothing to wear to the fair. According to the next issue, from October 12, the fair was a success with between four and five thousand attendees over the course of the two days.

"Great Throngs at First County Fair," from the October 12, 1933 issue of The Transylvania Times

“Great Throngs at First County Fair,” from the October 12, 1933 issue of The Transylvania Times

To browse more of our materials from throughout Transylvania County, visit here. Digitized issues of Brevard News and Sylvan Valley News both predate our holdings of The Transylvania Times, and we also have issues of The Echo, covering the nearby Pisgah Forest, available from 1940 to 1954.  Thanks to our partner Transylvania County Library for nominating this paper for digitization!

The Transylvania Times Now Online at DigitalNC

33 issues of The Transylvania Times have been newly added to DigitalNC, courtesy of our partner, the Transylvania County Library. These are the first issues of the Transylvania Times digitzed on DigitalNC, covering from January to August 1933. The Times joins other newspapers that cover Brevard and Transylvania County, including the Brevard News, the Sylvan Valley News, and the Echo.

At that time of publication, the Times was a weekly newspaper, including local news, some national news, comic strips, brief prayers, and news about the local schools and colleges. In the article to the right, the Times announced the creation of Brevard College, a private college in Brevard, North Carolina. It was created after Weaver and Rutherford Colleges were merged to create a single co-ed Methodist Junior College on the property of the Brevard Institute. Judging from the article, the townspeople were very enthusiastic about the decision, with congratulations pouring in from as far as Charlotte. Brevard College eventually opened in the fall of 1934.

Gaining the Transylvania Times to our collection is invaluable to helping us learn about the life of North Carolinians in Appalachia in the beginning of the 20th century. To browse through other materials from the Transylvania County Library, take a look at their partner page, or check out their website.

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