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New issue of the Goldsboro Hi News now online at DigitalNC

Goldsboro Hi News November 11, 1927

Front Page of the Goldsboro Hi New from November 15, 1927

A new issue of the Goldsboro Hi News from Goldsboro High School in Wayne County is now online at DigitalNC. The issue dates from November 15, 1927 and details the regular goings-on at Goldsboro High School. It includes news about school clubs and organizations, teachers, contests, events, opinions, and much more. The issue is a valuable addition to the already substantial collection of Goldsboro Hi News issues available at DigitalNC.

This issue of Goldsboro Hi News is held by UNC Libraries as part of the North Carolina Collection. Click here to learn more about the other UNC materials hosted online at DigitalNC.

Yearbooks, Student Newspaper, and Essays from Wayne County now on DigitalNC

Portrait of Richard Sale Leftwich, principal, from the 1924 Goldsboro High School Yearbook

Principal Richard Sale Leftwich from 1924 Goldsboro High School Yearbook, page 12

New materials digitized for the Wayne County Public Library are now available on DigitalNC. A list of the new items is below, and includes yearbooks from Wayne County schools, the Goldsboro High School Newspaper, and more.

Other Items
  • Goldsboro Hi News: 1925-1941 [some issues missing]
  • Prize Essays presented by the North Carolina Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1932

You can view all materials digitized for the Wayne County Public Library here.

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