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More newspapers and engineering drawings from the Chapel Hill Historical Society are now available

Thanks to our partners at the Chapel Hill Historical Society, DigitalNC is happy to be able to provide access to two groups of materials from their collection online. A new set of drawings that illustrate the civil engineering and planning of Chapel Hill, and more issues of The Lincoln Echo from Chapel Hill’s Lincoln High School.

Only a few dozen issues are known to exist of The Lincoln Echopublished by the pre-integration African American high school of Chapel Hill, making this resource vital for the community. Our digital holdings of the paper now cover 1949 to 1965, and we also have issues of its precursor, The Orange Echofrom 1944 to 1947. The May 1945 issue of The Lincoln Echo is particularly noteworthy as it includes seniors’ reflections on graduating in light of V-E Day, which happened around the same time. One student said, “The outlook for myself is that when this war is over I will have equal opportunities with anyone, and be able to earn an honest dollar regardless of my color.”

The other digital additions in this batch are comprised of engineering drawings for the planning of the town. These drawings include scaled radiuses of fire trucks and garbage trucks, used to calculate the necessary dimensions for streets. Also, there are drawings of various street details, such as bus shelters, sidewalks, curbs, and other elements. The batch also includes plans for several roads around town, including Airport Road (NC86), now known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., pictured below.

Click here to view all of the newspapers from the Chapel Hill Historical Society, and here to view all other materials. To learn more about the organization, visit their partner page here or their website here.


Issues of Lincoln High School’s student newspaper, The Lincoln Echo, now online at DigitalNC!

Lincoln Echo Feb 1953

Front Page of the Lincoln High School Echo, February 1953

Several fragmentary issues of The Lincoln Echo, the student newspaper of Chapel Hill’s Lincoln High School, are now online at DigitalNC. The copies in this batch, most of which only include one or two pages of a given issue, span the time period between 1944 and 1964.   The school served the Black community in Chapel Hill prior to integration.  While incomplete, the materials within provide interesting insights into the concerns of Chapel Hill high school students during this pivotal moment in North Carolina history. The issues cover news topics like sports, facility renovations, and school events, as well as creative works by students and advertisements for local businesses.

The newly digitized Lincoln Echo materials make up another contribution to DigitalNC by the Chapel Hill Historical Society. For more information, visit their DigitalNC partner page or their website.

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