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Note of Thanks and New Issues of The Norlina Headlight

On this day of thanks, the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our partners and site visitors for another phenomenal year. However you decide to observe the fourth Thursday in November, the NCDHC hopes that your day is filled with great food, remembrance, reflection and community.


Thanks to funding from the State Library of North Carolina’s LSTA Grant and our partner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for additional issues of The Norlina Headlight which are now available to view on our website. This batch, spanning 1925 to 1927, brings DigitalNC’s total number of issues to 401.

If you’re looking for a new recipe to add to your table this week, the November 18, 1927 Thanksgiving issue of The Norlina Headlight has you covered. Fans of pineapple and ham on pizza should try Nellie Maxwell’s baked pineapple and ham recipe. Simply take a slice of baked pineapple and serve it with a helping of baked ham. If you prefer to have a sauce, however, Maxwell suggests mixing pineapple juice, ham liquor, and a bit of flour together to serve with your baked ham.

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Almost 40 Newspaper Titles on DigitalNC this week!

Headmast for Snow Hill, N.C. paper The Great Sunny South

This week we have another 38 newspaper titles up on DigitalNC! In this batch, we have issues spanning 33 years from Oxford, N.C. paper Oxford Public Ledger. In addition to being the county seat for Granville County, Oxford is also home to the first female parachutist and inventor of the ripcord: Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick.

Georgia was born April 8, 1893 and weighed only three pounds at birth, earning her the nickname “Tiny.” She was married at age 12, had a child at 13, and was widowed before she was 15. In 1907, her life changed forever when she saw The Broadwicks and their Famous French Aeronauts perform aerial stunts at the North Carolina State Fair. She left home, joined the Broadwicks travelling show, and was legally adopted by the show owner, Charles Broadwick, making her “Tiny” Broadwick.

Posed photo of Georgia 'Tiny' Broadwick, 1911. "Youngest Girl Aeronaut"

Georgia ‘Tiny’ Broadwick, 1911. Via Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

In an exhibition in Chicago the week of September 16, 1912, Broadwick became the first woman to parachute from a plane. In 1914, jumped into Lake Michigan, making her the first woman to parachute into a body of water. Also in 1914, she debuted the ripcord in a parachuting demonstration for the U.S. Army, performing the first planned free-fall jump from an airplane. By the end of her career she is said to have performed over 1,100 jumps.

Clipping detailing Georgia 'Tiny' Broadwick's 1914 Los Angeles jump

Wilmington Star, January 10, 1914

Over the next year, we’ll be adding millions of newspaper images to DigitalNC. These images were originally digitized a number of years ago in a partnership with That project focused on scanning microfilmed papers published before 1923 held by the North Carolina Collection in Wilson Special Collections Library. While you can currently search all of those pre-1923 issues on, over the next year we will also make them available in our newspaper database as well. This will allow you to search that content alongside the 2 million pages already on our site – all completely open access and free to use.

This week’s additions include:

If you want to see all of the newspapers we have available on DigitalNC, you can find them here. Thanks to UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries for permission to and support for adding all of this content as well as the content to come. We also thank the North Caroliniana Society for providing funding to support staff working on this project.

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