Community Scanning Days

Four individuals working on flatbed scanners and laptops
Scanning at the Johnston County Heritage Center

Cultural heritage organizations are increasingly involved in community scanning days or events that engage with their patrons and stakeholders by offering to scan items held in personal collections.

To support our partners in these efforts either through on site assistance or by sharing our expertise, we can help with community scanning in the following ways:

  • Have a phone call or in person meeting beforehand to talk through best practices for a successful scanning day.
  • Have an in-person meeting with staff to go over best practices for digitization, recording metadata, and ensuring that appropriate rights and permissions are gathered at the event.
  • Volunteer to scan materials at the event.
  • Host scans through

Organizations who are requesting that the Digital Heritage Center provide a letter of support or partner for a community scanning grant, such as National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage grants, will need to have a phone call or in person meeting with Digital Heritage Center staff beforehand.

Updated January 2023