NCDHC Strategic Themes, 2017-2019

Goal 1

Work flexibly and collaboratively with North Carolina’s cultural heritage professionals to broaden online access to their collections.

How we’ll do this:

  • Continue to provide digitization and digital access services to the materials our partners select for sharing online.
  • Continue to offer best practices and support for cultural heritage professionals planning for and pursuing their own digital initiatives, both on a case-by-case basis and as part of the LSTA Advisory Board.
  • Rely on our network of relationships to help make connections and foster collaborative opportunities in digital initiatives throughout North Carolina.
Goal 2

Improve the experience to more quickly and accurately connect all users with cultural heritage materials that meet their research or recreational needs.

How we’ll do this:

  • Investigate and implement new content management system/s to support our digitized collections and replace outdated systems.
  • Develop creative and interactive ways for users to engage with online content, including support for crowdsourcing.
Goal 3

Engage with a diverse community of institutions and users to support inclusivity in digital collections.

How we’ll do this:

  • Offer several on-site scanning days, whereby we can help digitize materials for institutions who have a difficult time bringing items to Chapel Hill.
  • Continue to encourage our partners to select materials documenting underrepresented communities.
  • Look for opportunities to partner with organizations who solely document underrepresented communities to help them achieve their specific digital initiative goals.
Goal 4

Act as efficient and responsible financial stewards and work to enhance fiscal sustainability.

How we’ll do this:

  • Streamline workflows and remain in touch with and responsive to the greatest needs of our partners, so that we use our limited funds in the most equitable way.
  • Enlist assistance from a qualified consultant to suggest strategic directions and plans for future growth.
  • Work with UNC Library Development office and other stakeholders to identify additional potential funding streams.

Updated December 2022