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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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12 Days of NCDHC: Day 2 – Newspapers Advanced Search

This holiday season join us here on the blog for the 12 Days of NCDHC. We’ll be posting short entries that reveal something you may not know about us. You can view all of the posts together by clicking on the 12daysofncdhc tag. And, as always, chat with us if you have questions or want to work with us on something new. Happy Holidays!

Day 2: Newspapers Advanced Search 

A screenshot showing the text input boxes and different filter options on the newspapers advanced searchWe’re adding more newspapers on an almost weekly basis, and the collection currently holds over 1.2 million pages. With so much text, searches can be a lot more successful if you use the Newspapers Advanced Search where you can do multiple kinds of searches:

  • Any of the words – example: the words Barry OR Allen somewhere on the page
  • All of the words – example: the words Barry AND Allen somewhere on the page
  • Phrase search – example: Barry Allen right next to each other
  • Proximity search – example: the words Barry and Allen when they are within 5 (or 10, or 50, or 100) words of each other

In addition to these choices for what you’re searching on, you can narrow down your search in the following ways:

  • by year
  • by type (our newspaper titles are currently categorized as community papers, student papers, and African-American papers)
  • by county
  • by title(s)

There are a couple of ways to get to the Newspapers Advanced Search but the fastest is to either bookmark the link or to go to the Newspapers landing page and click the link in the upper right.

Screenshot of the newspapers landing page with a red arrow pointing to a link that says "Advanced Search"

The Advanced Search is a great way to find someone by name, or to search through all of the newspapers we have on DigitalNC from a particular county. We recommend it all the time when a regular keyword search isn’t doing the trick.

Check back on Tuesday as we reveal Day 3 of the 12 Days of NCDHC!

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