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1960 yearbook from Eppes High School now digitized

From page 41 of the 1960 Eppesonion

A senior superlative from page 18 of the 1960 Eppersonion

The 1960 Eppesonion yearbook from C.M. Eppes High School in Greenville, North Carolina, is now available on DigitalNC. The 1960 edition joins previously digitized Eppes High yearbooks dating from 1955-1969. During the 1969-1970 school year, C.M. Eppes High School was integrated with Junius H. Rose High School, which is documented in the 1970 Visa, the  J. H. Rose High School yearbook. The 1960 Eppesonion has images of clubs and athletics, student portraits, senior superlatives, and more.

To browse the 1955-1969 editions of the Eppesonion, and the 1970 edition of the Visa, click here. To learn more about, C.M. Eppes High School Alumni Heritage Society, the partner that provided these materials visit their DigitalNC partner page.


From page 45 of the 1960 Eppesonion

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