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1971 Pisgahteer and 1971 Tuscola Mountaineer Now Available

Thanks to our partner, Haywood County Public Library, the 1971 issues of the Pisgah High School and Tuscola High School yearbooks are now available on our website.

Pisgah High School officially opened on August 29, 1966 with an enrollment of 974 students and 49 teachers. The creation of the high school was in response to a desire to consolidate schools within Haywood County to two, replacing four other high schools in the area including Canton, Reynolds, Bethel, and Clyde High School. Pisgah High School today continues to educate the children of Canton, North Carolina.

1971 Senior Superlatives for: most athletic, most talented, wittiest, best all round, most likely to succeed, friendliest, most dependable, best looking, prettiest, most courteous, most intelligent, and most popular. Included are three pictures of students in areas around the school including the gym and music room.

1971 Senior Superlatives

Like Pisgah, Tuscola High School was created in response to Haywood County’s desire in 1963 to consolidate schools in the area. Originally, the school only taught sophomores, juniors, and seniors but in 1993 added freshman to the student body. The school today has over 900 students with approximately 90 teachers. 

A page titled "America?" Two images which show a factory and a field. Under the picture of the factory the caption says, "Oh, beautiful for spacious skies." Under the the field photo the caption reads "For amber waves of grain."Two pictures on top of each other. The first one's caption is "For purple mountains majesty." The image itself is of a small pond with pollution. The bottom picture is of a lot with several rows of broken cars. The caption for the second photo is "Above the fruited plains."

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