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Additional scrapbooks continue the story of Central Piedmont Community College

A student worker is shown operating DOLLY on page 6 of the Jan – June 1977 scrapbook.

Scrapbooks documenting goings on at Central Piedmont Community College from 1969-1978 are now on DigitalNC. These scrapbooks join previously digitized scrapbooks that cover the founding and first few years of CPCC. Included in these newest additions are newspaper clippings, newsletters, photographs, and other memorabilia that offer a glimpse into life at CPCC.

One project documented in several articles throughout the scrapbooks from the late ’70s is “DOLLY” which stands for Dial Our Listening Library Yourself. This listening library was started in 1975, and allowed students and local residents to call into a phone system where they could listen to different audio programs. The first programs to be added were old radio programs, but eventually callers could listen to course materials, such as a mini course in spelling. According to an article in the Jan – June 1977 scrapbook, almost 100,000 callers heard programs on DOLLY during its first year of operation.

To read more about happenings at Central Piedmont Community College in the ‘6os and ’70s, browse the scrapbook collection here. To learn more about CPCC visit their partner page, or take a look at their website.

In the Jan – April 1978 scrapbook, a page from a student newsletter shows that some aspects of college life never change.

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