Army News for Army Men: the Trench and Camp now available on DigitalNC!

Trench and Camp, October 15, 1917, page 1

Trench and Camp, October 15, 1917, page 1

53 issues of the “Trench and Camp” are now available on DigitalNC courtesy of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. They cover October, 1917 through December 1918.

The Trench and Camp newspaper was published for soldiers living in the 32 domestic cantonments during World War I, like those living at Camp Green in Charlotte. Published by the National War Work Council of the YMCA and in partnership with local city newspapers (these issues were published in partnership with Charlotte Observer), the Trench and Camp was filled with information that would be important for the activities and moral of soldiers who were often far from home. The central New York editorial office supplied half of the material and the local publisher supplied the second half, as well as the adds.

These editions are excellent resources for those interested in communication during war time, as these papers were seen as direct communication between the President and those serving their country. They also contain some great illustrations, like those seen in this post.

The historical information used in this post can be found in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives at the University of Minnesota, which holds many editions of the Trench and Camp from the other 32 domestic camps around the United States. To learn more about our contributor, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, please visit their contributor page or their homepage.

Trench and Camp, April 08, 1918, page 1

Trench and Camp, April 08, 1918, page 1

Trench and Camp, October 29, 1917, page 1

Trench and Camp, October 29, 1917, page 1


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