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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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Red Cross WWII Scrapbook added to DigitalNC

Hazel Herndon joins the Red Cross.


From Hazel Herndon’s World War II journal.

Hazel Herndon, a young woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, joined the Red Cross in 1944 and was assigned overseas during World War II. Throughout her time abroad, Hazel kept a large and detailed scrapbook about her life. It contains diary entries about her work in the Red Cross, travels around Europe (including England, France, and Germany), and personal life, such as her friendships and marriage. The scrapbook is full of photographs, letters, pamphlets, postcards, maps, and many more items that paint a detailed picture of Hazel Herndon’s life working for the Red Cross during World War II.


This scrapbook was provided by Kings Mountain Historical Museum. In addition, you can view a transcript of it. You can view more from Kings Mountain Historical Museum at their DigitalNC homepage and learn more on their website.

A drawing from Hazel Herndon’s journal, labeled “Limey Liberty.” The journal is full of similar illustrations.

New Scrapbooks from Perry Memorial Library

From Henderson High School yearbook, 1914.

From Henderson High School yearbook, 1914.

Six new scrapbooks from Perry Memorial Library (Henderson, N.C.) have been digitized and added to DigitalNC. The scrapbooks are primarily from the Henderson, North Carolina Woman’s and Junior Woman’s Clubs from the late fifties to early seventies. They include these:

More scrapbooks from Henderson, North Carolina can be seen here, plus yearbooks here. You can view more from Perry Memorial Library on their DigitalNC page and learn more on their website.

Yearbooks from Charlotte Added to DigitalNC

The West Charlotte Orchestra, from The Lion 1965.

The West Charlotte Orchestra, from The Lion 1965.

More yearbooks from Charlotte, N.C. have been added to DigitalNC. These seven yearbooks from the 1960’s come from several different schools and were provided by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. The yearbooks provide insight to student life in the 1960’s, depicting clubs, sports, activities, and awards. They include:

You can view more materials from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library on the DigitalNC page and visit their homepage. Additionally, you can view more yearbooks from Charlotte here.

From Kastle 1965.

From King’s College, Kastle 1965.

Civil War Diary Added to DigitalNC

Civil War Diary of William Andrew Mauney.

Civil War diary of William Andrew Mauney.

William Andrew Mauney was a Confederate soldier from North Carolina who kept a diary during the Civil War. The diary, which comes from the Kings Mountain Historical Museum, has been digitized and added to DigitalNC. The Mauney Diary also includes a transcript of the diary (beginning here), making the text searchable and easier to read.

Mauney was born in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and enlisted at Brevard’s Station on August 6, 1861. He began the diary in December 1861 and continued it through 1865. He wrote about daily life in the army and their movements and battles around North Carolina, Virginia, and up to Pennsylvania. Mauney also lists the names of officers and privates in the Confederate army, writes down finances, rations, and a clothing inventory, and wrote out lyrics of songs that were sung in the soldiers’ camp (below). Along with the Civil War Diary are a letter from William Andrew Mauney to his father and a receipt fragment from the diary.

You can see more from Kings Mountain Historical Museum here and visit their website.



“Songs for Camp.” Mauney writes out lyrics to camp songs in his Civil War diary.

William Andrew Mauney's letter to his father during the Civil War.

William Andrew Mauney’s letter to his father during the Civil War.

Kings Mountain High School Yearbooks Added to DigitalNC

Kings Mountain School “Milestones” yearbook, 1939.

Yearbooks from Kings Mountain High School have been digitized and added to DigitalNC. The yearbooks were provided by Mauney Memorial Library in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. There are 23 yearbooks, titled “Milestones,” from 1939 to 1966. The yearbooks include students, staff, class photos, activities, clubs, athletics, superlatives, and autographs.

You can view more from Mauney Memorial Library at the DigitalNC page or their homepage.

Architectural Drawings and North Carolina Map Now Online

Architectural drawings of Cooleemee Plantation House and a 19th century map of North Carolina from Davie County Public Library have been added to DigitalNC.

Cooleemee Plantation House architectural drawing of the main floor plan.

Cooleemee Plantation House architectural drawing of the main floor plan.

The Cooleemee Plantation House is between Lexington and Mocksville, North Carolina alongside the Yadkin River. Built based on drawings in Godey’s Lady’s Book, the house was completed in 1854. The Hairston family has owned Cooleemee and the plantation since 1814, and in 1978 Cooleemee was dedicated a U.S. National Historic Landmark due to its architecture. There are five architectural drawings of the Cooleemee Plantation House, completed in 1941 by John Erwin Ramsay. One (above) shows the main floor plan, another shows the second floor plan, two depict the front, back, and side of the house, and the last has details of doors, columns, cornices, and ceilings. There are also two photographs of the exterior and interior of the house as part of the plans.

Colton's Map of the State of North Carolina, 1888.

Colton’s Map of the State of North Carolina, 1888.

Also from Davie County Public Library is Colton’s Map of the State of North Carolina. This large fold out map of North Carolina was published in 1888. It depicts North Carolina divided by county (as well as parts of South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) and shows mountains and rivers as well as cities, towns, and roads.

To see more items from Davie County Public Library, visit their contributor page or website.

New Issues of the Salem College Student Newspaper added to DigitalNC

The Salemite, March 10, 1950

The Salemite, March 10, 1950.

Additional issues of the Salem College student newspaper, called The Salemite, have been uploaded to DigitalNC. The newspapers date from September 24, 1948 to March 3, 1970. The Salemite includes articles ranging from Salem College news to international news, frequently featuring students’ activities both on- and off-campus.

You can browse The Salemite by year, and more materials from Salem College can be found here.

The Salemite, January 13, 1967

The Salemite, January 13, 1967.

More Scrapbooks from Francis B. Hays Collection Online

Granville County, N.C.

Map of Granville County, N.C. from Franis B. Hays’ scrapbook “Health, Doctors, Hospitals, Nurses.”

Six more volumes of the Francis B. Hays scrapbooks have been digitized and published on DigitalNC. From the Granville County Public Library, these scrapbooks are added to the already large collection of Francis B. Hays scrapbooks on a wide variety of topics, from Granville County history to churches to schools. Four of the scrapbooks are focused on obituaries, volumes VII-X. Another is titled “Health, Doctors, Hospitals, and Nurses” and includes clippings related to these topics in Granville County. The last is an index of the names of people in Oxford, N.C., referring to other scrapbooks in the collection. These scrapbooks, including the obituaries, are useful for people researching genealogy in Granville County and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

For more Francis B. Hays scrapbooks, you can visit the DigitalNC page for the Francis B. Hays Collection. You can also see more materials from the Granville County Public Library.

More photographs from Benson Museum of Local History added to DigitalNC

Benson Museum of Local History

A woman stands in front of a railroad depot with cotton platform.

More photographs from the Benson Museum of Local History have been digitized and uploaded to DigitalNC. Like the photographs added in the past, these show citizens and everyday life in Benson, North Carolina. Many of the people and events are familiar from past uploads. Names such as Barefoot, McLamb, Parrish, and Woodall appear again as well as events like the Benson Singing Convention.

Benson Museum of Local History

Jesse Stephenson with the mail wagon.

Benson Museum of Local History

Young Sisters Trio at Benson Singing Convention.

All of the Benson Museum of Local History photographs can be viewed here. You can see our blog posts about previous uploads from the Benson Museum of Local History from November, September, and June. The museum’s website can be found here.

Wendell Historical Society Yearbooks added to DigitalNC

Echoes 1957   Echoes 1959

New yearbooks from the Wendell Historical Society have been added to DigitalNC. The 17 yearbooks are from Wendell High School, located in Wake County, NC, and they date from 1943 to 1965. Called “Echoes,” the yearbooks include portraits of students from first grade through senior year and feature candid shots and group shots of clubs and teams. You can view more Wendell High School yearbooks here.