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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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Robeson Community College Photographs Now Available on


Kay Lambert, Nursing Assistant and Sam Layell, Audiovisual

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center has digitized a collection of Robeson Community College photographs, featuring special events, faculty, staff, and students at the college throughout the last several decades. These will join yearbooks, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia currently uploaded to


Library Card Catalog – 1981

Each image has its own details and descriptions to explore, and the images are grouped in the following categories:


Elaine Whitfield, English and Ed Nicholson, Psychology – September 1985


More Watson Family and Braswell Memorial Library Materials Now Available!

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center has digitized newly arrived Watson Family photos and materials as well as a collection of Rocky Mount High School newspapers, all from the Braswell Memorial Library (Rocky Mount, N.C.).


Truck Load of Tobacco Weighing 23,188 LBs – October 14, 1935


Watson Purebred Fall Grains – 1952

In April, we published a large quantity of Watson Family photographs and advertisements. The new additions include more family photos and ads, as well as images from the Watson Seed Farm Inc. fields and warehouses. Many of the Watson Seed Farm images feature Watson brothers Van Sharpe Watson, Jr. and George Benedict Watson. For reference, please refer to the Watson Family Tree, which was featured in an earlier blog post. Other images of the farm include harvesting processes, workers such as Mr. James Alston, and harvesting product such as hybrid corn seed and tobacco.


Watson Brother Demonstrating Bagging Watson Seed – circa 1950

Braswell Memorial Library also contributed a selection of Rocky Mount High School newspapers, ranging from 1950 through 2004. Earlier volumes of the newspaper were called The Blackbird, which changed to The Gryphon in 1969.

There are now over 1,000 items from Braswell Memorial Library available online. You can view them all here.


Photographs from the M.S. Brown Collection Now Available

M.S. Brown

Self-portrait of M.S. Brown

Photos from the M.S. Brown Collection are now available on DigitalNC. The collection includes hundreds of photographs taken by Milton Steele Brown throughout the early to mid 1900s, and prominently features citizens, organizations, and events taking place in Tarboro, N.C., Rocky Mount, N.C., and surrounding Edgecombe County areas.

Grand Stands in the Baseball Field

Grand Stands in the baseball field

Known locally as “Coca Cola” Brown, M.S. Brown opened a Coca-Cola plant in Tarboro in the early 1900s and served as a town commissioner. He was active in community organizations and local government, regularly attending and assisting with various events. As an avid photographer, Brown documented Coca-Cola sponsored events, town social gatherings – such as baseball games, 4-H Club meetings, and the Gallopade Parade – and historical sites such as the Tarboro Town Commons and the Barracks.

Annual Meeting for Edgecombe County Bureau at the Baseball Field. August 24, 1946. (left and center). People at the Baseball Field during a 4-H Club Event, surrounding the Coca-Cola crates. (right)

Annual Meeting for Edgecombe County Bureau at the baseball field. August 24, 1946. People at the baseball field during a 4-H Club Event, surrounding the Coca-Cola crates.

Additionally, Brown photographed active community members, including the Tarboro Merchants Association secretary Mary Godfrey and Congressman L.H. Fountain.

Miss Mary Godfrey at her desk and Congressman L.H. Fountain (center) at Belk-Tyler's ribbon cutting.

Miss Mary Godfrey at her desk and Congressman L.H. Fountain (center) at Belk-Tyler’s ribbon cutting.

This extensive collection covers over 40 years of Tarboro and Edgecombe County history. It is an ongoing project with the Edgecombe County Memorial Library, with more images expected in the future.

Granville County Scrapbooks and Genealogies Now Available

Granville County Scrapbooks

Granville County Scrapbooks

Several scrapbooks from Granville County Public Library are now available on They are divided into three sets, all indexed by last name and organized by date:

  • Families of Granville County – includes newspaper clippings featuring family members, event announcements, wedding and birth announcements, family histories, family trees, and miscellaneous items (such as postcards or Christmas cards)
Families of Granville County - Hobgood & Horner

Families of Granville County – Hobgood & Horner

Granville Marriages, v. II, Knopf & Clifton

Granville Marriages II, Gertrude Knopf to Clifton Bradford


From Oxford and Granville Men and Women, vol. 3

These scrapbooks belong to the larger Hays Collection, a many volume collection of Oxford and Granville County histories created by Francis B. Hays over the course of more than 75 years.

Article about Mr. Francis B. Hays in Oxford and Granville Men & Women, vol. 7

Article about Mr. Francis B. Hays in Oxford and Granville Men & Women, vol. 7

The last several pages of Oxford and Granville Men and Women, vol. 7 feature articles about Mr. Hays.  Written in 1958, when Mr. Hays was 91 years old, these articles explain his process and philosophy behind gathering all of this information and organizing it into these volumes, and discuss – among other things – Mr. Hays’ love for chess, his past as an editor and druggist, and his history of helping school children and “Granville’s migrants” in history projects and genealogical inquiries.  In addition to these articles is an article by Mr. Hays called “It was News in 1911.”

These materials are part of an ongoing digitization project. More volumes to come!

Multiple Items from Rockingham Community College Now Available

Gentry Brothers Dog and Pony Show circa 1924

Gentry Brothers Dog and Pony Show circa 1924

Several items are now available on from Rockingham Community College. Many of the items come from RCC’s special collections. These items include:

1887 Advertisement for Woman's Heart Tobacco

1887 Advertisement for Woman’s Heart Tobacco

1972 Farmville Centennial Celebration Now Available

A collection about the 1972 Farmville Centennial Celebration, from the Farmville Public Library, is now available at


The collection includes over 100 photos of Farmville residents on the day of the celebration, including librarians, principalslawyers, policemen, doctors, and local business owners dressed in historical clothing to commemorate the special event. Also pictured are Congressman Walter B. Jones and First Lady Mrs. Pat Nixon.


The photos were taken all around Farmville’s downtown, mostly along Main Street in front of businesses and buildings still standing today. There are photos of the celebration’s parade, including the crowds, floats, and parade participants.

The collection also includes Farmville’s 100th Anniversary book, which provides the 100 year history of the town, including its first settlers and collected histories of Farmville’s businesses, politicians, citizens, churches, railroads, and schools. The book highlights the Centennial Celebration’s planning and activities, providing more photos and a description of the events. The book focuses on how the town was developed and how it has grown over the years, with many images of and much more information about the people essential to its history and future.

Durham County Department of Health Scrapbook Now Available

An early 20th-century scrapbook from the Durham County Department of Health is now available at The scrapbook features a variety of forms, certificates, permits, and public notices from 1913-1950, including a quarantine warning sign and sanitation violation notices

Also included are descriptions and signs for Grades “A” and “B” Raw Milk. One post lists dairy barn guidelines for Grade “A” Milk, including descriptions of acceptable lighting, floors, air space, toilets, and water supplies.

Another notable public notice is the “Stop That Spitting!” sign, which states that under Article II, Section 14, Sanitary Code, of the County and City of Durham it is “unlawful for any person to expectorate upon any paved sidewalk, or upon the floor of any public building, or any store, or upon the pavement adjacent to any public building…” Violators were fined $1.00.
Included with the scrapbook are some blank forms for the medical history of and the investigation into typhoid and paratyphoid carriers during an influenza pandemic. The original scrapbook is in the North Carolina Collection at the Durham County Library.

1980s Library Technology at the Rockingham County Public Libraries

Color slides featuring library technology from the 1980s are now available at The slides come from the Rockingham County Public Library and feature an early version of a computerized card catalog as well as microfilm and microfiche readers. The slides also feature the audiovisual equipment  available for use in the library, some examples of patrons using the equipment in the Listening Room, and computer terminals available for patron use. 

Patron Terminals

Also available are color slides featuring other aspects of the Rockingham County Public Libraries in the 1970s and 1980s, including storytimes, library staff, and library spaces (such as Stoneville Library’s Genealogy Area, Reidsville Library’s card catalogs, and Madison Library’s circulation desk).