Bertie County joins DigitalNC with the Windsor High School 1956 yearbook

Thanks to our newest partner, Russell’s Back in the Day Museum, Windsor High School’s 1956 yearbook is now available on our website. The yearbook includes a look at 1950’s fashion, the school’s senior statistics, advertisements for products and services, and various extracurricular groups present at the school in 1956.

As a result of our newest partnership with the museum, which is located in Bertie County, the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center now has at least one partner in 99 out of North Carolina’s 100 counties! 

Page titled "Drums of Death" there are five separate photos. One shows a group of cast members huddled together in 19th century fashion. The second shows two individuals talking to each other on stage. The third shows an individual in costume looking out into the audience, shocked. The third shows three individuals on set--two in chairs and one standing--looking at the camera. The final photo has 5 individuals, 4 sitting on a couch while one speaks on the phone.

Drums of Death, Winoca 1956.

Majorettes page in the 1956 Winoca yearbook. The first picture shows 5 high school students in majorette uniforms and with batons. The second photo shows the drum major in their uniform.

Majorettes, Winoca 1956.

From a young age, Russ Russell collected materials related to the Town of Windsor and Bertie County. After purchasing a house in Downtown Windsor, Russell made the decision to make his dream of opening a museum a reality by converting the house into Russell’s Back in the Day Museum. The museum serves as a vital cultural heritage center for the Town of Windsor and Bertie County community, with materials such as old high school yearbooks, signs from Bertie County, artifacts from old country stores, and much more. 

To learn more at Russell’s Back in the Day Museum, please visit here

For more yearbooks from across North Carolina, visit our yearbook collection.

To view materials from different North Carolina counties, please click here.


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