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Civil War Diary Added to DigitalNC

Civil War Diary of William Andrew Mauney.

Civil War diary of William Andrew Mauney.

William Andrew Mauney was a Confederate soldier from North Carolina who kept a diary during the Civil War. The diary, which comes from the Kings Mountain Historical Museum, has been digitized and added to DigitalNC. The Mauney Diary also includes a transcript of the diary (beginning here), making the text searchable and easier to read.

Mauney was born in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and enlisted at Brevard’s Station on August 6, 1861. He began the diary in December 1861 and continued it through 1865. He wrote about daily life in the army and their movements and battles around North Carolina, Virginia, and up to Pennsylvania. Mauney also lists the names of officers and privates in the Confederate army, writes down finances, rations, and a clothing inventory, and wrote out lyrics of songs that were sung in the soldiers’ camp (below). Along with the Civil War Diary are a letter from William Andrew Mauney to his father and a receipt fragment from the diary.

You can see more from Kings Mountain Historical Museum here and visit their website.



“Songs for Camp.” Mauney writes out lyrics to camp songs in his Civil War diary.

William Andrew Mauney's letter to his father during the Civil War.

William Andrew Mauney’s letter to his father during the Civil War.

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