Contemporary Pine Knoll Shores Newspapers Celebrate the Town’s 50th Anniversary

A headline reading, "History stories: reflections on Pine Knoll Shores." In the top right corner is a circular logo acknowledging the town's 50th anniversary.

It can be easy to think of archives as guardians of the past, but our latest batch of newspapers from our partner, the History Committee of the Town of Pine Knoll Shores, shows how some of our materials are keeping with the times.

The town of Pine Knoll Shores celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (2023). In commemoration, The Shoreline began a column in 2022 recounting some of the history of the area. Beginning in the February 2022 edition, several authors, including Barbara Milhaven, Phyllis Makuck, Martha Edwards, Walter Ellis Steele Jr., Michelle Powers, Deb Frisby, Jean Macheca and Susan Phillips, contribute small histories. The first is about a visit from Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer, in 1524. In a letter to François I, then King of France, he described some of the native people he saw living along the coast (though it’s unknown whether they were in modern-day North Carolina or further north). The March 2022 edition follows up with a timeline of Pine Knoll Shores’ pre-history, from 1524-1954.

An artist's rendition of a navy ship circa 1900.
An illustration of a ship similar to the SS Pevensey, the remains of which lie near Pine Knoll Shores’ beach.

The December 2022 edition wraps up the pre-incorporation era with a careful mapping of how land was divided and sold along the coast as several of the beach towns we love today were formed. Now that we’re in the 50th anniversary year, we may get to learn even more about the beach town’s modern history—alongside articles from the present day.

You can see all issues of Pine Knoll Shores’ The Shoreline here. You can also browse our entire collection of digital newspapers by title, location, type, and date. For more information about the History Committee of the Town of Pine Knoll Shores, you can visit their partner page.

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