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Course catalogs, student handbooks, and other campus publications from a number of institutions — including Brevard College, Campbell University, Chowan University, the College of the Albemarle, Davidson College, Elizabeth City State University, North Carolina Wesleyan College, and St. Andrews University — have been added to the North Carolina College and University Yearbooks collection. These materials, many of which date back to the nineteenth century, aren’t just about the course offerings and descriptions – they often include detailed information about admissions, tuition, campus policies, institutional history and mission, and student life.

I’ve especially enjoyed reading the various rules and regulations laid out in these volumes. Most of them apply to female students, and seem to be aimed at thwarting “improper” behavior. Some of my favorites are below.

Regarding dress:
From the 1930 Elizabeth City State Normal School Bulletin. In my experience, mothers are more likely to cause embarrassment to their children BY supervising the buying of school clothes.

From the 1944-1945 Students’ Handbook of Flora Macdonald College. Everybody knows that kerchiefs are only appropriate at buffets, duh.

From the 1961-1962 St. Andrews Presbyterian College Student Handbook. It’s a good thing they regulated the wearing of bermuda shorts. The sixties were crazy enough already.
Regarding behavior:
From the 1917-1918 State Colored Normal and Industrial School Catalog. I definitely don’t associate with anyone who hangs on corners. And note writing? Forget it, you’re no friend of mine.
From the 1945-1946 Students’ Handbook of Flora Macdonald College. Other kinds of windows might be okay. 
And, of course, regarding guns:
From the 1917-1918 State Colored Normal and Industrial School Catalog.  I know teachers college can be pretty rough, but just leave those guns at home.

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