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Early Issues of the Asheboro Courier Now Available Online

Early issues of the Asheboro Courier are now available in the North Carolina Newspapers digital collection. More than 500 issues, ranging from 1884 to 1912, have been digitized.  The Courier was one of the first newspapers to be published in Asheboro, tracing its origins back to 1876.  Unfortunately, few early issues are available.

The Courier, boasting the lofty slogan “Principles, Not Men,” favored the Democratic Party in its coverage and editorials, promoting Democratic candidates at the local, state, and national level.  The local coverage of the paper appears to be excellent, and the long social columns and many letters to the editor suggests that the paper was a true community institution.
The newspaper merged with the Randolph Tribune in 1940 to form the Asheboro Courier-Tribune, which is still being published, making it one of the oldest continuously-published newspapers in North Carolina.
The Randolph County Public Library nominated this title for digitization.

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