Football in North Carolina

Football season is in full swing, a good time to browse the many football-related images on DigitalNC. I found 49 football-related images in the Images of North Carolina collection, and there are countless more in the college and university yearbooks. Here are some of my favorites:

This photo shows the Davidson College football team in 1906, just 18 years after the first collegiate football game was played in North Carolina.
Image of the 1906 Davidson College football team

The action shot of a punter seems to be a popular subject for sports photographers. The photo at top is from the Braswell Memorial Library (Rocky Mount, N.C.); the one at bottom is from the Tufts Archives (Pinehurst, N.C.).
Image of football player kicking
Image of a football player kicking

There are several good photos of high school football players and teams on DigitalNC. The top one here shows a player from Lansing High School in Ashe County; the one in the middle of the team from Davie County High School in 1961, and the photo at bottom shows the team from Waynesville Township High School in 1927.
Image of a football player crouching

High School Rebels 1961, Davie County High



Image of the 1927 Waynesville Township High School Football Team


These last three images above are shared by Ashe County Public Library (top), Davie County Public Library (middle), and Haywood County Public Library (bottom).

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