Four Newspapers from High Point Added to DigitalNC

Mel-Rose-Glen, September 1949

Mel-Rose-Glen, September 1949

Four new titles from the High Point Museum have been added to the North Carolina Newspapers collection.

Three of these titles are from area companies, and they join a number of other papers on our site that document not only local businesses but also the communities and families involved with those businesses. These three titles document employee milestones, both inside and outside of the company, as well as new products, company events, and production goals. They all have a lot of photographs and employee names. On occasion, national news would touch these publications, as in this October 1960 issue of the Amco News which describes the Nixon-Kennedy debate.

Sew it Seams, May 1952

“While the advantages of denim for rough work long have been realized, men are just beginning to appreciate its value for lounging and recreation.” Sew it Seams, May 1952

Amco News [1956-1972]

Amco News was produced by the Adams-Millis Corporation, at one point the fourth largest hosiery manufacturer in the world. This paper has several regular columns, like “Aunt Matilda’s Corner,” which gives general household advice, and “News Around the Plants,” which would later become “Overheard” and talks about graduations, illnesses, and vacations. The Southern Historical Collection here in Wilson Library holds some of the company’s records.

Mel-Rose-Glen [1945-1951]

The Mel-Rose-Glen paper was “The Voice of Melrose and Glenn Mills,” two hosiery mills in the High Point area. This paper includes a good bit of anecdotes and advice, but also more locally-specific news and some fantastic photographs.

Sew It Seams [1951-1957]

The cleverly named Sew It Seams was produced by the Anvil Brand company, which manufactured casual clothing. Like the two titles above, it is also full of departmental and product news. Members of the Anvil staff and their families are frequently shown modeling the company’s latest line.

What’s Happening [1971-1973]

The fourth title added from the Museum, entitled What’s Happening, was a short-lived publication of the High Point Model City Commission. According to the High Point Enterprise newspaper from November 2, 1968, Model Cities was a five-year program “designed to concentrate all available public and private resources in the community in a comprehensive attack on the social, economic and physical problems of the Model City Area.” (via, paywall). What’s Happening describes the program’s successes and challenges. It also documents local events, like this Halloween party at a local preschool.

What's Happening, November 10, 1972

What’s Happening, November 10, 1972

You can view all of the materials contributed from the High Point Museum on DigitalNC here.

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