Grant Colored Asylum and the Colored Orphanage Asylum of North Carolina Enrollment Ledger Now Online!

Thanks to our partner, Central Children’s Home of North Carolina, we now have a ledger documenting the enrollment of children during 1885-1919. The ledger provide histories of the children’s stay at the orphanage ranging in depth and breath.

Index of people with "B" last names.

Ledger entry indexing people with surnames starting with the letter “B.”

Ledgers of African Americans admitted into the Grant Colored Asylum, which was established by the NC legislature in 1883. The name was changed to the “Colored Orphanage Asylum of North Carolina” in 1887. Today it is known as the Central Children’s Home of North Carolina.


Information recorded in the ledger include the child’s name, town and county where the child is from, date of birth, date of admittance into the orphanage, a physical description and observations about the child’s character. Other information documented includes, the parent’s name(s) the church they belonged to and notes the parent(s) cause of death if applicable. Information about who recommended the orphanage and the person responsible for filling the application for admittance.





To learn more about Central Children’s Home of North Carolina, visit their website here. 

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