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Greensboro World War II Base Newspapers Available Online

ImageI’m excited to announce a new addition to the North Carolina Newspapers collection: a complete run of newspapers from the Basic Training Camp and Overseas Relocation Depot, located in Greensboro during World War II, is now available on DigitalNC. The newspapers are from the collections of the Greensboro Historical Museum.

The base saw more than 330,000 soldiers pass through between 1943 and its closing in 1946. The base newspaper began publication in March 1943 and ran through September 1946, producing a total of 176 issues. The newspaper documented all aspects of life on the base, especially the social and sporting activities of the enlisted men. We’ll post a few highlights and interesting photos from the paper over the next few weeks.

[Update, January 2015. This newspaper can be viewed online in the Greensboro Historical Newspapers collection, hosted by UNC-Greensboro.]

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