Hand-Drawn Maps Featured in New Hays Scrapbooks


Map of Pamlico County from Francis B. Hays North Carolina Counties Scrapbook, Volume 4, Page 308

The above map of Pamlico County is one example of the many maps that Francis B. Hays created in his County Scrapbooks, among the newest volumes digitized from Granville County Public Library’s Hays collection. Hays drew a map for each of North Carolina’s 100 counties. The scrapbooks also include population data, historical information, and numerous stories and articles about famous people or events from the county. Hays dedicated a volume specifically to Vance County, Granville County’s next door neighbor.


Map of Vance County from Francis B. Hays scrapbook of Vance County, Page 163

The county scrapbooks are part of a batch of fourteen added to the Francis B. Hays Collection. Mr. Hays was an educator and clerk in Granville County, who dedicated much of his time to documenting the county’s history. These scrapbooks represent Volumes 80-93 of 150 housed at the Granville County Public Library.

Aside from the County Volumes, Hays also documented doctors, nurses, and public health in Granville County, indexing names of those working in medical professions. These volumes could be useful for those interested in genealogical research in Granville County and the surrounding areas.

This batch also includes two other series of volumes: North Carolina Historical Items and Distinguished North Carolinians. The NC Historical Items series features many articles and clippings that discuss NC during and after the reconstruction era and during the colonial period with information about Native Americans who lived in the state or were removed by the government. The Distinguished North Carolinians series contains articles, clippings, and obituaries of noteworthy men and women connected to the state. Volume 3 of the series may be of particular interest because it contains the most information about noteworthy women, especially authors and poets.




Cover the 1938 North Carolina Highways road map from Francis B. Hays’ scrapbook of North Carolina Maps and Miscellaneous, Page 39

You can see all of the recently added scrapbooks at the links below:

You can view all 93 digitized volumes at the Francis B. Hays Collection exhibit page. To learn more about the Granville County Public Library visit their contributor page or the website.

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