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Haywood County Yearbooks Now Available

Thanks to our partner, Haywood County Public Library, a batch containing new issues of yearbooks from Bethel High School, Canton High School, Pisgah Senior High School, Waynesville High School, Tuscola High School, Clyde High School, and Crabtree Iron Duff High School are now available on our website.  This batch includes yearbooks from the years 1943 to 1970. 

The Mountaineer 1962 cover. A man holding a gun and a jug with "XXX" on it looking to be walking around.

The Mountaineer 1962 cover

Page filled with various pictures of students doing different things such as dancing, sitting together, helping each other.


To learn more about the Haywood County Public Library, please visit their website

For more yearbooks from across North Carolina, visit our yearbook collection.

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