Hickory Newspapers Now Online

Newspapers from across the state continue to be added at rapid pace to DigitalNC.  The Press and Carolinian and the Hickory Democrat, two newspapers printed in Hickory, NC are now available online.


The Press and Carolinian, which was a merger between The Press and The Carolinian papers in Hickory in 1887, covers general news of the day both in Hickory and across the country.  In their inaugural issue following their merger, the editors state to their readers that, “Our purpose is to spread, not to suppress the truth, and in this we ask the aid of all…We intend to make the Press and Carolinian not only a welcome visitor in every household but an indispensable luxury.”  While they claim an air of neutrality, the paper has a definite Democratic slant to its reporting and promoted the Democratic party ticket headed by Grover Cleveland in 1892. Other topics regularly reported on include big issues of the day such as union strikes, tariff disagreements, and an overall focus on the economic conditions of the country.  The issues available in DigitalNC cover 1887 until 1892.  The Press and Carolinian was recommended for digitization by the Catawba County Library.

HickoryDemocratfrontpageThe Hickory Democrat is a much flashier looking newspaper than the Press and Carolinian, with issues from 1906 until 1915 available online.  On the byline they inform their readers that they provide access to “All the News While It Is News.”  One particular feature of the Democrat that makes it stand out is the prevalence of political cartoons on every front page of the paper, relating to both state and national news items.   The Hickory Democrat was recommended for digitization by the Hickory Public Library.








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