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Horton School and Jordan-Matthews yearbooks now online

Two yearbooks from Chatham County Historical Association are now online, the 1970 Creations yearbook from Horton Public School, the Pittsboro school for the Black community  and the 1963 Phantomaire, from Jordan-Matthews High School in Siler City. 

Page of a yearbook, featuring a picture of a hallway and a picture of students running

1970 was the last year that Horton High School graduated a class.  It became Horton Middle School the following year, in light of integration that was merging several white and Black student populations in Chatham County.  Horton is named for George Moses Horton, an enslaved man from Chapel Hill who taught himself to read and was the first Black man published in the south, with a book of poetry he composed. 

To view more materials from Chatham County Historical Association, visit their partner page.  To view more yearbooks, visit our North Carolina Yearbooks collection.

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