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K.C. Wows 1977 College Crowd in Wilson, Buffet Does Not

The 1977 edition of The Pine Knot, the yearbook from from Atlantic Christian College, gives an interesting glimpse into the musical tastes of students at the small school in Wilson, N.C., at the time.

The Student Government Association thought they had a sure hit on their hands when they booked the now widely-popular Jimmy Buffet to play a concert.  Apparently they were ahead of their time.

So if there weren’t too many Parrotheads on campus in the 70s, what kind of music did they like?

Note the closing line: “Truly, no one since Fleetwood Mac aroused so much student enthusiasm at Atlantic Christian.”

Yearbooks from Atlantic Christian College (now Barton College) are now available in the North Carolina Yearbooks collection on DigitalNC.

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