Lincoln County Historical Association Yearbooks Anticipated Some of Today’s Trends

A decorative photo collage of senior year students laughing and spending time with friends

From The Acorn, 1945

It’s easy to blame lots of things on “kids these days”—has there ever been a generation that hasn’t? But the latest batch of yearbooks from the Lincoln County Historical Association might prove that some of today’s trends are older than you think.

Photo of two teenagers standing beside each other and looking into a mirror

From The Newboldlite, 1958

Photo of two teenagers standing beside each other and looking into a mirror. In the mirror, their faces are smiling.

From Le Souvenir, 1956

For example, mirror selfies seem like they would’ve come out of an era when many teenagers have cell phones and social media accounts. Not so! According to the 1958 edition of The Newboldlite from Newbold High School and the 1956 edition of Le Souvenir from North Brook High School, mirror selfies were the way to show off your fashionable outfits. Thanks to the mirror in these two “Best Dressed” superlative shots, you can get a front and back view of four of the best looks from these teen style icons.




Two students posing in front of a white house

From Le Souvenir, 1957

Two students standing together in front of a brick building

From Le Souvenir, 1954

Another trend that may surprise you is the rise of influencers 50 years before the invention of Instagram. Apparently, these four students had a natural talent for influencing before it was even a formalized role. Both superlatives are from Le Souvenir; Flora Ann and Milton are from the 1954 edition, and Jimmie and Dorothy are from the 1957 edition.


To see more superlatives and the full batch of yearbooks, click here. You can browse our entire collection of high school and college yearbooks in our North Carolina Yearbooks collection. To learn more about the Lincoln Count Historical Association, you can visit their partner page or their website.

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