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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Black Ink, a publication of UNC’s Black Student Movement

image_638x817_from_079_to_27673621-1The above image is the front page of the February 2001 edition of Black Ink, a publication started by the Black Student Movement at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1969. According to the Black Student Movement website, “Black Ink started off as a newsletter, revolutionized into a newspaper, and later transformed into a magazine…it grew to become the source of communication for black students, a voice for black issues and the training grounds for black journalists and business leaders at UNC.” DigitalNC has digitized 212 issues of Black Ink from 1969-2001.

To see more materials from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, visit their partner page. To see more recent issues of Black Ink, visit the Black Ink Magazine’s website.

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