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More Charlotte Yearbooks Available On DigitalNC


Myers Park High School yearbook, Mustang, 1958 spread on school spirit.

Additional Charlotte, N.C. yearbooks, provided by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, are now digitized and available on DigitalNC.

Two yearbooks come from Myers Park High School, which opened in 1951. The yearbooks, titled “Mustang” are from 1958 and 1959. Fifteen of the digitized yearbooks come from Charlotte Technical High School, the years 1929 (the school’s first yearbook), 1931, 1940-1946, 1949, and 1951-1954. The yearbooks include photos of students and staff as well as clubs, sports, and other activities around campus.

These are the first yearbooks we have digitized and uploaded from both Myers Park High School and Charlotte Technical High School. You can view all of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s yearbooks here.

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