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More Durham Technical Community College Profiles & Handbooks Now Available

Thanks to our partner Durham Technical Community College, we’ve updated our collection of college catalog and student handbooks through the 2021-2022 school year and college profiles through the 2019-2020 school year.

A photo collage of students and activities from the Durham Technical Community College student handbook

A photo collage from the front page of the 2020-2021 Durham Technical Community College student handbook

The college catalog and student handbooks include admissions information, important dates for students, tuition information, and other financial details. They also include letters from the President of the college (William G. Ingram from 2018-2020 and J.B. Buxton from 2020-2022). The handbook portion of the documents includes information about student responsibilities, community standards, the code of conduct, and career readiness. 

The college profiles have quantitative data about enrollment and student demographics, including sex, age group, and ethnicity.  They also have information on course selection, degrees, finances, and faculty. 

To see the full collection of Durham Tech handbooks and college profiles, click here. To learn more about Durham Technical Community College, take a look at their partner page or visit their website.

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