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More issues of The Chatham Record are now available on DigitalNC!

The Chatham Record, March 27, 1924

The Chatham Record, March 27, 1924

Over four hundred issues of The Chatham Record were recently digitized from their microfilm formats and added to DigitalNC. These new issues range from 1923 to 1929 and supplement those from 1878 to 1904 which were already available. Printed in Pittsboro, North Carolina, The Chatham Record provided weekly news to the people of Chatham County.  This paper is made available thanks to a nomination from our partner Chatham County Public Library.

Regular news included updates about local farming, businesses, significant individuals, social events, and others, supplemented with statewide, national, and international news. Some typical clippings are shared below:

"Message to Cotton Growers," October 2, 1924

“Message to Cotton Growers,” October 2, 1924


"Town - County Briefs," May 19, 1927

“Town – County Briefs,” May 19, 1927


"Pittsboro High School Basket Ball Team," February 2, 1928

“Pittsboro High School Basket Ball Team,” February 2, 1928

To learn more about The Chatham Record and view all issues, click here.

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