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More Wake Forest Student Issues Now Available

Last September, we added issues of The Wake Forest Student dating from 1882-1891 to DigitalNC. Additional issues are now available, dating 1892-1900The Wake Forest Student was a literary magazine at Wake Forest University published by the Euzelian Society. As with earlier issues, the Student‘s contents include essays by local authors, reprints of well-known stories and poems, an editorial section that includes both traditional editorials as well as college and state news, and a section for alumni to provide updates on their activities and lives. The literary magazine still exists as Three to Four Ounces, which is published twice per year by Wake Forest University students.


Pages 2 and 3 of Volume 3, No. 3, November 1883. (pages 92 and 93 in bound item)

You can also view yearbooks, catalogs, and commencement programs from Wake Forest University on DigitalNC.

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