New Kron Collection Materials Added from the Stanly County Musem

More materials from the Stanly County Museum have now been digitized and posted online at DigitalNC. Most of the material that has been added in this batch comes from the Dr. Francis Joseph Kron Collection. There are a number of papers and letters concerning the many legal battles that the Kron family were involved in, mostly concerning rights to land and contesting wills. Later letters display Dr. Kron’s frustrations with the unceasing attacks, in one declaring that North Carolina is a “vast lunatic asylum” for allowing these suits.

Letter written by Dr. Kron

Portion of a letter written by Dr. Kron

Also included in this batch are a number of miscellaneous letters from the Kron family and letters from people enslaved by the family (Elizabeth and Adele Kron, who kept the surname Kron) and a variety of legal documents including birth certificates for some of the members of the Kron family who were born in Europe, and statements of allegiance to the United States.

Kron Legal Documents

Pledge of allegiance to the United States, signed by Dr. Kron

For more information on the Dr. Francis Joseph Kron Collection, see the exhibit website, or this previous blog post.

Unrelated to the Kron papers but also provided by Stanly County Museum are three panoramic photographs. Two of these photographs feature factory workers. The third is a photo that was taken at the 1912 Young Women’s Christian Association Conference, and it includes representatives from a number of women’s colleges.

YWCA Conference

YWCA Conference

All of the Stanly County Museum materials available on DigitalNC can be viewed here.


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