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New Yearbooks from the High Point Public Library Give Glimpse of the Nursing Profession


Lighted Lamp [1978], page 99

10 new yearbooks are now available on DigitalNC, courtesy of the Heritage Research Center at High Point Public Library. These yearbooks document the history and students of High Point Hospital School of Nursing.

Dating as early as 1940, these yearbooks offer a look into the changing profession of nursing. The school was originally housed at the Burrus Memorial Hospital and operated until 1978. It trained nearly 900 nurses during its 70 years of operation. The yearbooks offer a look into a female dominated field and the culture of student life over several decades.


Lighted Lamp [1978], page 50

You can view all of the recently added yearbooks at the links below:

To see more yearbooks, perhaps from your college or university, please visit the North Carolina Yearbooks Collection. To learn more about the Heritage Research Center at High Point Public Library please visit their contributor page or the website.

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