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New Yearbooks from Wayne County Public Library


Daredevil [1953], page 57


Daredevil [1953], page 60















DigitalNC is happy to offer two new yearbooks from the Wayne County Public Library. The yearbooks are from Eureka High School, located in Eureka, NC, which had a population of about 200 people at the 2010 census. These yearbooks offer a nice look into the life of a small community school during the 1950’s. Although it is described as a high school, both yearbooks feature 1st-12th grade classes. Yearbooks like these could be excellent resources for genealogy research, especially about this small community.


Eu-Re-Hi-Ke Daze [1952], page 60

You can view both yearbooks at the links below:

You can also view all of the yearbooks from Wayne County Public Library here.

To learn more about the Wayne County Public Library by visiting their contributor page or their website.

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