Odyssey yearbooks from North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Why use 1 monitor when you can use 4! — Image from the 2016 yearbook.

Students in the 1981 yearbook working with personal computers.

34 editions of Odyssey by North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, are now online. These yearbooks span the years 1981-2016, and document the lives of high school students at the school. North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) is a two-year public residential high school that serves juniors and seniors from across the state. Located in Durham, North Carolina, the NCSSM curriculum focuses heavily on science, math, and technology.

The focus on technology can be seen throughout the yearbook collection, with plenty of photographs of students exploring the newest technology of the day in traditional academic and independent project settings. While many images in the 1981 yearbook focus on students working with early personal computers, images from the 2016 yearbook show students engaged with virtual reality and robotics equipment. As students live at the school full-time, there are also many photos of student life including photos of students in front of their dorms and various performances and events.

To browse all of the NCSSM yearbooks, click here. To learn more about NCSSM, visit their partner page, or take a look at their website.

Students with virtual reality equipment in the 2016 yearbook

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