Red Cross WWII Scrapbook added to DigitalNC

Hazel Herndon joins the Red Cross.


From Hazel Herndon’s World War II journal.

Hazel Herndon, a young woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, joined the Red Cross in 1944 and was assigned overseas during World War II. Throughout her time abroad, Hazel kept a large and detailed scrapbook about her life. It contains diary entries about her work in the Red Cross, travels around Europe (including England, France, and Germany), and personal life, such as her friendships and marriage. The scrapbook is full of photographs, letters, pamphlets, postcards, maps, and many more items that paint a detailed picture of Hazel Herndon’s life working for the Red Cross during World War II.


This scrapbook was provided by Kings Mountain Historical Museum. You can view more from Kings Mountain Historical Museum at their DigitalNC homepage and learn more on their website.

A drawing from Hazel Herndon’s journal, labeled “Limey Liberty.” The journal is full of similar illustrations.


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