Registers of Students Included in Latest Batch of Mitchell College Bulletins

The logo on the front of a Mitchell College handbook, 1918

Before Mitchell Community College became the school we think of today, it had a long history as Mitchell College, an all-women’s school. Now, with 24 additional bulletins/handbooks from 1915 to 1941 added to our site, you can explore some of that early history yourself. 

A black-and-white photograph of Mitchell College, c. 1918

Mitchell College c. 1918

One of the most noteworthy features of some of these bulletins is the register of students. Here, students are listed alphabetically by last name (possibly, one of the few places where their maiden names might be the ones recorded). The state they come from is also listed, showing that the college served women from both North and South Carolina, as well as Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, and even one student from Siam (modern day Thailand). Later registers, which focus on graduates, also list the cities that students come from.

You can see all of the bulletins uploaded in this batch here. To browse other handbooks, yearbooks, and campus paraphernalia from around the state, take a look at our North Carolina Yearbooks collection. For more about Mitchell Community College, you can visit their partner page and their website.


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