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Remembering Pearl Harbor

There are many narratives and documents in which veterans recall the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the exhibit Wilson County’s Greatest Generation: The Memories of the World War II Veterans of Wilson County, N.C. A couple of these really stood out to me:

From the Jimmy Whitehead section:

“On Dec 7, 1941, my mother was driving to the old Wilson Country Club when a news bulletin came on the radio announcing the shocking news that Pearl Harbor had been bombed. Mother drove directly out on the golf course to find my father to tell him what had happened and told all the golfers that she passed driving down the fairways the grim news.”

From the Julian Rogers section:

“I so well remember December 7, 1941, a Sunday. I went to the movie and around 5:00 pm when I came home, my mother said Pearl Harbor had been attacked and destroyed. She said it meant war with the Japanese. She had tears in her eyes, and I knew what she was thinking.”

The memories in the Wilson County’s Greatest Generation exhibit are shared by the Wilson County Public Library.

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