Richmond Community College course catalogs now available


Fall quarter 1990 course catalog

Richmond Community College course catalogs from 1984-2009 are now up on DigitalNC. These catalogs were published four times a year and include descriptions and schedules for degree and certification focused courses, as well as continuing education classes in a variety of subjects. The catalogs also contain articles focusing on students and faculty members from Richmond Community college.

In this collection, it’s interesting to look at the trends in course offerings from 1984-2009. One can see drastic changes in the role of computer technology in Richmond Community College’s curriculum by comparing the DOS and word processing classes offered in the late 1980s, to the fully online classes and programs offered in the 2000s. One can also see changing recreation trends with continuing education classes in tailoring, flower arranging, and basket weaving being offered in the 1980s, and classes like digital photography, mixology, and sign language being offered in addition to more traditional craft classes in the 2008 catalogs.

Take a look at the new and previously added Richmond Community College catalogs by clicking here.

To learn more about Richmond Community College, take a look at their partner page, or visit their website.

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