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Sampson Community College yearbooks

Day's Eye [1971], page 64-65

Day’s Eye [1971], page 64-65

Day's Eye [1970], page 44

Day’s Eye [1970], page 44

Yearbooks are some of the most popular materials on DigitalNC and Sampson Community College has provided eleven more!

Sampson Community College, located in Clinton N.C., has a vibrant campus community with students and instructors of all ages. These yearbooks document the academic programs at the college, such as nursing, drafting, and office management. In addition, they also contain many images of campus events, traditions, and fashions. Yearbooks like these and the many others in the North Carolina Yearbooks Collection could be useful for those interested in genealogy or those hoping to just browse through the images of people and activities at colleges and high schools throughout North Carolina.



Day's Eye [1970], page 25

Day’s Eye [1970], page 25

Yearbooks in this batch include:


To learn more about Sampson Community College, visit their contributor page on DigitalNC or follow the link to their website.

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