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Additional Chatham County Architectural Photographs and Funeral Programs Now Available on DigitalNC

Thanks to our partner, Chatham County Historical Association, over 600 architectural images of Chatham County and 64 funeral programs are now available to view on our website. The architectural images are particularly interesting. They cover a broad variety of building types and ages including houses, businesses, churches, masonic lodges, and schools all the way back to the 16th century. Below is a small sample of the different types of buildings that were photographed in Chatham County.

Built circa 1850, the Haughton-McIver House is a beautiful two-story home. Some of its features include a five-bay facade, six-over-six sash windows, symmetrically molded corner boards, and a central entry composed of paneled double-leaf doors framed by transom and sidelights.

The Chatham County courthouse, built in the 1880s and still standing today, is a two-story rectangular brick structure. The structure’s dominant feature is a classical two-story portico crowned with distinctive three-stage cupola.

The former Hinton-Beckwith School, built around 1930 near Farrington, is an especially important landmark for the area’s Black community. Beginning in the earliest part of the 20th century and continuing for 40 years, the school served as a place where Black individuals in the community would go to learn. The building’s rectangular structure is set off by three recessed double-leaf entrances that are surmounted by transom and framed by rows of tall nine-over-nine sash windows. Other features include a main entrance marked by sidelights and protected by a portico.

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New Edgecombe County Memorial Library Materials Including Additional Photographs of Edgecombe County’s Historic Architecture Now Available

Thanks to our partner, Edgecombe County Memorial Library, new materials including a 1955 Leggett High School yearbook, Magazine Club of Tarboro minute books, and architecture research materials for houses in Edgecombe County are now available on our website.

This batch of photographs adds 48 new homes to our architecture research materials for historical houses and buildings in Edgecombe County. In addition to photographs of the houses, some folders contain in-depth documents about the properties including family histories, property history, appraisals, renovations, and more. The Joseph Pippen House record is an example of an information-rich folder. It included photographs and slides from before and after the house’s renovation (pictures seen below), a letter from one of Joseph Pippen’s ancestors, information on the Pippen plantation property, newspaper clippings related to the selling of the house, and detailed information about the house’s architecture.

Black and white photograph of an older looking two story house.

Joseph Pippen house before renovation

A photograph of a renovated two story house.

Joseph Pippen house after renovation

To learn more about the Edgecombe County Memorial Library, please visit their website.

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More architecture research materials from Edgecombe County now on DigitalNC

Thanks to our partner Edgecombe County Memorial Library, another batch of architecture research materials for structures in the county are on DigitalNC.  This batch covers 58 buildings in Edgecombe County, including Norfleet Plantation, the supposed oldest house in Tarboro, and the African American Masonic Lodge in Tarboro.  Photographs, research notes, maps, and other materials are included for many of the buildings.  

Two color photographs of the same building, a white clapboard two story structure

Photographs of the African American Masonic Lodge in Tarboro

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