The Carolina Journal, UNC-Charlotte’s student newspaper, is now available on DigitalNC

Over 100 issues of The Carolina Journal, the student newspaper published by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, are now available on DigitalNC, thanks to our partnership with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Spanning from 1965 to 1969, the student paper covers activities on and off campus.

The first issue of The Carolina Journal was published on September 7, 1965, just nine months after the college merged into the Consolidated University of North Carolina. The paper marked that transition period by documenting many of the changes on campus, including announcing new faculty members, the addition of intramural sports, and changes to rules and regulations. Early issues pay particular attention to the possibility of adding an honor code on campus.

"Students Pass Honor Code Amendment," November 3, 1965

“Students Pass Honor Code Amendment,” November 3, 1965




The paper grew as the semesters changed, and was eventually regularly published weekly, documenting significant events on and off campus. For example, in December 1966, the school voted to change the mascot, and several of the following issues discussed the possible outcome of that decision. Over the next several months, several bodies on campus narrowed the list of options to three: the Forty-Niners, the Chargers, or the Cougars. Hurdles for this process included a fraudulent voter (detailed in the March 8, 1967 issue) and very strong opinions about the options. The tumult was eventually resolved and the mascot stayed the same


"49er Dumped As Mascot Name," December 14, 1966

“49er Dumped As Mascot Name,” December 14, 1966

When national figures visited campus, they were featured in the paper. Stokely Carmichael visited in December 1968, and The Carolina Journal included a section in its newspaper with various photos from the event. According to the issue, the event hosted hundreds of students, and “Carmichael was greeted by raised clinched fists from the black contingent, moderate applause from the white audience, and several scattered boo’s.”

"Stokely Raps Whites, Plays Verbal Games with Audience," December 18, 1968

“Stokely Raps Whites, Plays Verbal Games with Audience,” December 18, 1968

To see more from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, visit their partner page here or their website for more information.

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