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UNC student handbooks now available


Cover of the 1926-1927 Carolina Student Handbook

24 Carolina Student Handbooks from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are now available on DigitalNC. These handbooks span the years 1926-1952 and provide insight into what life was like as an incoming student during that time. The handbooks include academic calendars, campus maps, a welcome from the university president, and helpful information about what to expect as an incoming freshman. The 1926-1927 handbook includes a section about “packing your trunks” and advises freshmen to bring items familiar to current college students such as a set of bed linens, two towels, and a laundry bag, as well as items that may not make it on college packing lists today such as white duck pants, a typewriter, and a dresser scarf. The handbooks also serves as a reminder of how much UNC Chapel Hill has changed over the years. The 1926-1927 handbook has a section on student statistics that lists the student body as including 1,997 undergraduate students, 179 graduate students, and 125 “women students”. That is a far cry form the over 25,000 women and men that make up the current UNC Chapel Hill undergraduate and graduate student body.

These handbooks were published by the Young Men’s Christian Association of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and each handbook includes a special section detailing the association’s objectives, student officers, and campus YMCA facilities.

To see more materials from UNC Chapel Hill, visit their partner page.

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