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Watauga Democrat now online

01-13-The Watauga Democrat, January 13, 1944, page 6

The Watauga Democrat, January 13, 1944, page 6

Nearly 30 years of newspapers are now available on DigitalNC courtesy of our partner, the Watauga County Public Library. Hailing from Boone N.C., the Watauga Democrat has been serving the Western NC community since 1888 and is still in print today.

This batch of newspapers covers several important time periods in NC’s history, including the Depression era and World War II. In addition to local, state, and national news, they offer creative advertisements, many for places Boone residents will recognize, like the Daniel Boone Inn. Newspapers like these could be excellent resources for genealogists interested in the area or teachers looking for primary sources from Boone.

To learn more about the Watauga Democrat, check out the about section on their website.

You can learn more about the Watauga County Public Library by visiting the contributor page on DigitalNC or by visiting the homepage. To see more community newspapers from many counties in North Carolina, please visit the North Carolina Newspapers Collection.

The Watauga Democrat, July 26, 1923, page 6

The Watauga Democrat, July 26, 1923, page 6

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